Venice in London Walk

**** New walk coming Autumn 2014! ****

From Casanova to Canaletto: A Venetian Grand Tour of London

From London’s exuberant ‘Mother of Masquerades’, Teresa Cornelys, to the world’s most infamous womaniser, Giacomo Casanova, the City of Westminster abounds with Venetian connections. With Soho as a decadent backdrop, this walk will explore these stories while also taking in Canaletto’s lodgings, the former Salviati mosaic shop as well as London’s answer to the Bridge of Sighs.

venice8Almost comical in its extent, our cast of characters is filled to the brim with artisans, kings writers, dancers, painters, art dealers and, for good measure, a pair of feuding opera singers too. Finishing inside the National Gallery, we will round off this tour with a closer look at Venice as painted by Veronese, Longhi and Canaletto.

While I’m afraid we won’t be able to travel via a gondola on this special Grand Tour, the wearing of wellington boots – in case London decides to go all Acqua Alta on us – is highly encouraged.

2013-07-07 15.42.00

What is the Lion of St Mark – symbol of Venice – doing on a London building?


3 thoughts on “Venice in London Walk

    • Hi Susan,

      Thanks a lot for the positive feedback about my new tour idea. It seems like someone has caught the Venice bug too! 😉 I like how you describe both cities as Casanova – that’s a very appropriate comparison, indeed.

      It’d be lovely to welcome you to the walk next year!



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