The London Picture Show #1: The View from Tower Bridge

Dear Reader(s)

Welcome to the inaugural session of ‘The London Picture Show‘!

If you follow my trials and tribulations on Twitter, you might have noticed that I frequently end up taking a lot of pictures of the places I visit for work and pleasure. As much as I’d love to transform these into proper posts, life gets in the way – this blog isn’t called ‘In Search of Lost Time(s)‘ for nothing after all – and the photographs often end up going to ‘waste’, gathering a fair amount of virtual dust on my USB stick.

And that’s where ‘The London Picture Show’ comes into play, a new series of shorter – and less verbose – blog posts celebrating the beauty (and sometimes also ugliness?) of the British capital throughout the visual medium. For your viewing pleasure, I’m starting off this series today with the urban landscape of London as experienced from Tower Bridge.

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