Venetian Reminiscences – Act I

Dear Reader(s),

I have all failed you miserably and, once again, I am begging for your forgiveness!

As you might have noticed (or not?), I wasn’t able to keep up my end of the blogging bargain last week and I didn’t manage to publish a new post. Shame on me, really, for causing you such distress. (‘Go directly to stats jail, Yannick’, a little voice whispered rather harshly into my ear, ‘and do neither pass any social media platforms nor collect any new followers!’) As I was preparing for an interview* as well as researching my upcoming Art Deco Walk, life got a little bit in the way and there just wasn’t enough time … sorry!

Today we are going to travel to my beloved Venice – it can’t be grand staircases all the time – and I’d like to invite you, dear readers, to come explore La Serenissima with me.

2013-03-16 15.17.34

Just another regular day on the Grand Canal as seen from the Rialto Bridge, San Polo.

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