Let them eat cake! (Paris Part 3)

Dear Reader(s),

You could easily be forgiven for deserting this blog after that horrible trick I played on you last week. Thank you once again for your patience. The time has finally come for your reward and we are about to embark on a little Parisian cake tour.

Let them eat cake … or that phrase that never seems to die down! Allegedly uttered by Marie-Antoinette, serious historians – and I’m not looking at you, Sofia Coppola – tell us the ill-fated Queen of France never said those words. Yet the myth surrounding it still persists today and, isn’t it a little bit ironic, that these days a crème brûlée éclair featuring an edible picture of Marianne, the emblem of the French Revolution, is taking Paris by storm?


Liberty Leading the People … to a Cake Shop? Eugène Delacroix revisited by Christophe Adam.

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The Anatomy of a Frame: Marie-Antoinette à la Rose (Paris Part 2 + 3/4)

Dear Reader(s),

I have a confession to make: I’ve misled you! In my lastest post I promised you cake, but to your horror (or mine?) you won’t find any pâtisseries here today, I’m afraid. Another opportunity I couldn’t refuse came up. I know I’m such a disgrace, but then again, I never described myself as a reliable narrator, did I? (My blog, my rules. Remember?)

I hope you will be able to excuse this betrayal. (Or has this blog already jumped the shark?) Today I’m very luck to host the incomparable and witty Lynn Roberts, of @TheFrameBlog fame, who will tell us more about the frame used on the Marie-Antoinette painting I’ve seen at the Petit Trianon. I’m handing over the reigns to Lynn after the jump!

Marie-Antoinette, by Elisabeth Vigée LeBrun, 1783, Le Petit Trianon.

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Paying a visit to Marie-Antoinette at the Petit Trianon (Paris Part 2)

Welcome back, readers! I’m using the plural here as my WordPress stats tell me – rather shockingly – that not only my mother (hi again!) reads this blog. Quelle surprise! Thank you all very much for your warm welcome, I’m deeply touched … Okay, enough of the mushy stuff already and let’s get on with this post! *wipes tears away*

The Gardens of Versailles, designed by André Le Nôtre of the Tuileries fame, are truly magnificent – for once, believe the hype – and my photographs couldn’t do them justice.

2013-06-14 14.15.29

Patterns that could rival Peru’s mysterious Nazca lines.

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