London Ramblings #5: An Early Morning Stroll in Covent Garden

Dear Reader(s),

I know, it’s been a terribly long time since I’ve last made an appearance on the blog and it feels almost like I’ve become the sidekick on my very own show. I’ve properly fallen off the wagon this time – I shall reassure you, only the blogging one, that is – but I think I’m ready to board this midnight train again. (Can you guess which song they just played on the radio?*)

The past four months have been (almost too) rich in trials and tribulations, including a parental visit nonetheless, and as such my blogging efforts had to take the backseat. (I have a feeling this sentence *might* upset my parents and I really shouldn’t toy with half of my readership.) While life has certainly been hectic in this part of the world, I’ve also launched a new Hidden Mayfair tour and some exciting projects are in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more info soon.

Alright, let’s see if I can still do this blogging malarkey. Today I invite you to join me on a 5am adventure around Covent Garden. (Yes, late sleepers, I’m afraid that’s not a typo!)

2014-06-10 05.06.11

Covent Garden as many of you have probably never experienced it: completely empty!

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London Ramblings #4: The surprising Barbican Conservatory

Dear Reader(s),

I hope this new blog post finds you well? We’ve made it to the end of yet another month and I can’t wait to turn the page on this one. February has never really been a particular favourite of mine and there have been a few bumps along the road this year. I shall spare you the (not-so) gory details as I feel that I have already exceeded my quota of rants for the month …

I’m happy to report I passed my guiding exam at the National Portrait Gallery at the beginning of the month, thanks to the support of my classmates and Lady Emma Hamilton. In a cheeky nod to Helen of Troy, I called Lord Nelson’s rather (in)famous mistress ‘the face that launched a thousand scandals’ and this comparison didn’t go down too well with the examiners, but I have a feeling Emma was smiling down on me that day and would have approved! 🙂

While I truly hate breaking promises, I can’t deliver a blog post about Luxembourg today and I must admit defeat yet again. (Shame on me & mea culpa in one!) Instead I have decided to focus on one of the more pleasant days of February, which included a visit to one of London’s most secret green spaces: [cue for suspenseful music] the Barbican Conservatory.

The Barbican Conservatory: where urban and concrete jungle collide.

The rather unusual Barbican Conservatory: where urban and concrete jungle collide.

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London Ramblings #3: The Silhouettes of January

Dear Reader(s),

How have you been since my last missive? Time flies and I can’t believe we’ve already come to the end of January … yet again! The older I get (sigh) the more I believe our perception of time changes and perhaps, in a nod to my blog’s name, I should take a cue from Proust?

With preparations for my upcoming guiding exam at the National Portrait Gallery going full steam ahead (think Anna Karenina!), January, cruel month of many broken resolutions, has certainly kept me busy. However, let me immediately reassure you, gentle reader(s), there have been plenty of opportunities for fun too, including the running of my regular tours as well as gathering new material for this blog.

While wandering the city in search of inspiration and cake (I have a valid reason for this quest as a macarons-themed walk is in the works), the fickle weather has allowed me to see some of London’s most’s famous sculptures masquerading as gigantic silhouettes.

2014-01-06 14.04.53

The haunting silhouette of Diana, the Goddess of the Hunt, in Green Park.

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