Welcome to In Search of Lost Time(s)

Hi, my name is Yannick and I’m … usually not that red!


Dynamo, Paris, 2013

Oh dear, this introduction is starting to feel already very much like that most awkward moment when a teacher asks you to stand up in front of the room and tell the whole class more about yourself. This being the internet, the class, of course, stands in for the whole wide world. No big deal, right? Okay, Yannick, take a deep breath, and let’s try this again!

My name is Yannick and I’m originally from Luxembourg. I moved to London seven years ago in order to finish my English Literature studies and instantly fell in love with the hustle and bustle of this insane city. As with most relationships, the Big Smoke and I had our ups and downs, but I’ve never looked back since then. (That being said, I have to admit, there are moments when I’m thinking of cheating on London and move to Venice!)

You will often find me at the British Museum where I’ve been volunteering as an object handler and tour guide since 2009. (To be honest, I spend so much time there they might as well just furnish me with a bed at this point!) For more than four years, I’ve been regularly giving the free Japan EyeOpener Tour which has been featured on ‘Haikugirl’s Japan‘ and ‘Sequins and Cherry Blossoms‘:


One of the objects on my Japan EyeOpener Tour: ‘Dawn’ by Tokuda Yasokichi III.

As of April 2013 the British Museum has also been running a new Highlights Tour, which I have also been leading, publicly as well as privately, since then too. ‘Super Blogger’ Laura Porter and mischief-maker extraordinaire Emma Creese have recently visited separate tours I was giving and you can find the reviews they wrote respectively for About.com‘s London Travel Page and Adventures of A London Kiwi on the links below. An anonymous visitor has also recently left a very touching feedback comment. (Thank you so much!)

Due to popular demand (I’m listening to you folks out there!), I’ve decided to list my upcoming tour dates below. While the Japan EyeOpener requires no ticket, the Highlights Tour costs £12 and is limited to 20 people per session, so it’s advisable to book in advance (via the museum’s website) as the tour often sells out, especially on Sundays. I’ll keep updating this page with new dates as we go along, so watch this space if you can’t make it to one of the dates below.

Japan EyeOpener Tour, 11am, Room 92

  • Sunday 16th of November
  • Tuesday 18th of November
  • Friday 28th of November
  • Sunday 30th of November
  • Sunday 14th of December
  • Tuesday 16th of December

Highlights Tours, times vary, Information Desk

  • Sunday 9th of November, 11.30am
  • Friday 21st of November, 2pm
  • Sunday 7th of December, 11.30am

(N.B. While I give these tours on a voluntary basis, they are run at the discretion of the British Museum and as such they might be subject to changes. Please note I also do not speak on behalf of the museum and all views on this website are strictly my own!)

For the past three years, I’ve also been organising cultural trips for my volunteer colleagues and friends (such as, for example, visits to the Fan Museum, 19 Princelet Street or Chaya’s Teahouse) and my team-building efforts have been highly commended in the Renaissance London Volunteers in Museums Awards 2011, in the category ‘Going the Extra Mile’.


Hugging the BM’s fake Rosetta Stone. (Credit: @MarDixon.)

After several stints in the art world and publishing, I am now an independent tour guide and I’ve set up my own walking tours in London. In case you are looking for freelance guides in the London area, you can find my CV here: Yannick Pucci Guiding CV Web.

As my good friend @GWinLondon never fails to mention, apparently – and I have my doubts about it – there is never any dull moment with me, so I hope you’ll fasten your seatbelts and enjoy the ride.

Oh well, this wasn’t all so awkward after all.


Is that a plane in the background? Yes! The Italian Gardens, Kensington Gardens, 2012.


11 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Yannick
    Your About page is great fun to read as it captures your delightful sense of humour so well.
    Great to see you with your own blog and it’s nice that you are no longer limited to just 140 characters.
    For anyone else reading these comments I can whole heartily recommend attending any of Yannick’s tours as they are all so well researched and very entertaining.
    There is honestly never a dull moment with you and I am truly honoured with the mention my dear friend.

    • Hi T,

      Glad to hear you like my ‘About’ page – it was a hard slog to get there! All that being said, I’m pretty happy with the end result.

      Well, you know how much I like my 140 characters. Twitter’s the best! 😉

      Thank you very much for recommending the tours – it’s highly appreciated.


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