New Website!!!

Dear Reader(s),

Let me wish you a Happy New Year 2015!

I’d like to inform you that I have moved to a new website called London Unravelled.

Screen Shot 2015-01-02 at 11.14.37

Click the picture to go to the new website!

While In Search of Lost Time(s) will stay alive for a little bit longer, all the up to date information about my tours will be available on the new site. Please make sure to visit and have a snoop around.

Take care and see you soon at London Unravelled,



The London Picture Show #1: The View from Tower Bridge

Dear Reader(s)

Welcome to the inaugural session of ‘The London Picture Show‘!

If you follow my trials and tribulations on Twitter, you might have noticed that I frequently end up taking a lot of pictures of the places I visit for work and pleasure. As much as I’d love to transform these into proper posts, life gets in the way – this blog isn’t called ‘In Search of Lost Time(s)‘ for nothing after all – and the photographs often end up going to ‘waste’, gathering a fair amount of virtual dust on my USB stick.

And that’s where ‘The London Picture Show’ comes into play, a new series of shorter – and less verbose – blog posts celebrating the beauty (and sometimes also ugliness?) of the British capital throughout the visual medium. For your viewing pleasure, I’m starting off this series today with the urban landscape of London as experienced from Tower Bridge.

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London Ramblings #5: An Early Morning Stroll in Covent Garden

Dear Reader(s),

I know, it’s been a terribly long time since I’ve last made an appearance on the blog and it feels almost like I’ve become the sidekick on my very own show. I’ve properly fallen off the wagon this time – I shall reassure you, only the blogging one, that is – but I think I’m ready to board this midnight train again. (Can you guess which song they just played on the radio?*)

The past four months have been (almost too) rich in trials and tribulations, including a parental visit nonetheless, and as such my blogging efforts had to take the backseat. (I have a feeling this sentence *might* upset my parents and I really shouldn’t toy with half of my readership.) While life has certainly been hectic in this part of the world, I’ve also launched a new Hidden Mayfair tour and some exciting projects are in the pipeline, so stay tuned for more info soon.

Alright, let’s see if I can still do this blogging malarkey. Today I invite you to join me on a 5am adventure around Covent Garden. (Yes, late sleepers, I’m afraid that’s not a typo!)

2014-06-10 05.06.11

Covent Garden as many of you have probably never experienced it: completely empty!

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